14-Oct-2018Calimesa, CA+14 milesCats for Sale
Matilda is a lovable young fully grown with very unique markings. She orange calico stripe highlights her cute face. She gets along well with other kitties and dogs. ##90935##
9-Oct-2018Yucaipa, CA+12 milesCats for Sale
My cat is very friendly cat. She will come to every people and just welcome them. I want her to have a great home my children allergic with this cat. My sister in law just drop this cat in front of my house so I don t have any choice to take her inside my house. She s very friendly tinrhe children and to dogs. Potty train and she s inside cat. Please find some 1 to adopt this nice young and fri...
19-Sep-2018Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Sale
This young cat showed up in my yard in mid-July, starving. He was skin and bones and scared, but too smart to let me humanely trap him. So, I slowly gained his trust and now he is a super love bug. Will take some time to learn to trust you but once he does, he'll be your friend for life. He is spirited and precious, smart and gorgeous, with a lovely pale orange tabby coat and striking crystal b...
We found this wonderful little kitten 1 day in our backyard and he doesn t really get along with our dogs so we can t keep him but we would really love him to go to a loving family.
18-Sep-2018Yucaipa, CA+12 milesCats for Sale
Sea biscuit is a very active and loving young girl. She loves to play alone or with people or even other animals . She is desperately in need of a loving furrever family.
Lovebug adventure kitty, high energy. Loves to play and climb. Loves all other cats and gets lonely alone without a buddy. He is a black and white tuxedo siamese mixed kitty 22 mnths old. Indoor only toddler age kitten. Loves Corey, Tuesday, Bella, and April if you are looking for a pair or kittens.
15-Aug-2018Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Sale
Felidae is a local stray that my family feeds and try to look after. We put a collar on him so he wouldn't get picked up by someone off the street. His ear is clipped due to a local animal rescues policy, they catch strays, neuter them, and if they're doing well living as a stray they put them back where they caught them. The clipped ear is to make sure they don't recatch them. He had a bonded ...
14-Aug-2018Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Sale
Hes very playful and affectionate. Loves to be pet and held. Hes great with children
8-Aug-2018Rialto, CA+19 milesCats for Sale
I have 3 sweet kittens in need of a loving home. They are very playful and love to roam around. 2 girls and 1 boy. They come from a stray cat, but we can no longer care for them due to small space. If there s any questions, go ahead to ask.
8-Aug-2018Calimesa, CA+14 milesCats for Sale
This is Timmy, an orange Tabby less than 1yr old with a personality that is larger than life. Timmy was found injured as a kitten, but has recovered and all grown up looking for a new home. Timmy is very articulate and vocal asking for attention and affection and can be very loving and affectionate in response to thoughtful petting. However he does not like to be casually handled and would not ...
8-Aug-2018Beaumont, CA+21 milesCats for Sale
Serena Medina also is known as Monkey, is a sweetheart and that will melt anyone's heart. She likes to hang out outside with you and enjoy the grass and rolls around in the dirt. She doesn't meow just little "eh" sounds. She likes to bump her head on the coffee table and even sometimes your leg whenever you use the bathroom or washing the dishes. She loves her "Candy" which are cat treats. She ...
8-Aug-2018Beaumont, CA+21 milesCats for Sale
Poppy was rescued off the streets of Cabazon, California 15yrs ago. He is very loving and demanding when it comes to his "Candy" which is his cat treats. He loves to drink water from the bathroom sink, meaning if you get up during the night to use the restroom he will follow you just to quench his thirst and keep you company. When he sleeps with you be prepared to share your pillow. His persona...
8-Aug-2018Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Sale
There are 3 lovable little kittens 2 girls one boy (grey eyes), they are month and a half old, I have their mom but I cant keep them because landlord. we are just looking for someone or some family who has love to give them, they are so sweet, they love play and run all day. From now on! Thanks a lot!
Nice pet! She s housebroken and extra adorable. Doesn t bite or hiss. She just wants love and attention. Unfortunately I m unable to keep her due to my apartment complex s rules about having animals. Otherwise I would keep her. She was being taken care of this last year by a friend, and now that friend moved away and wasn t able to take Caramel. I took her back in with me this past week and hav...
8-Aug-2018Loma Linda, CA+15 milesCats for Sale
Extra adorable shy kitty. Approx 4yrs old. She prefers younger smaller kittens to play with and does not want to be an only cat. She loves to lay next to her owner and sleep and be stroked. She is a rare dark bright orange female tabby with beautiful bright green eyes and freckles on her nose. Corey is a mixed breed teen rescue kitty.
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