18-Jan-2019Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Adoption
This young cat showed up in my yard in mid-July, starving. He was skin and bones and scared, but too smart to let me humanely trap him. So, I slowly gained his trust and now he is a super love bug. Will take some time to learn to trust you but once he does, he'll be your friend for life. He is spirited and lovable, smart and stunning, with a gorgeous pale orange tabby coat and striking crystal ...
As a 4-month-old kitten, Georgette found herself admitted to Devore Shelter back in December of 2014. She was rescued by the Kitty Devore Rescue team December rolled over to January 2015. She was placed in a sweet foster home with an amazing fost...
We found this adorable little kitten 1 day in our backyard and he doesn t really get along with our dogs so we can t keep him but we would really love him to go to a loving family.
17-Jan-2019Yucaipa, CA+12 milesCats for Adoption
Sea biscuit is a very active and loving young girl. She loves to play alone or with people or even other animals . She is desperately in need of a loving furrever family.
16-Jan-2019Hesperia, CA+20 milesCats for Adoption
As a 4-month-old kitten, Georgette found herself admitted to Devore Shelter back in December of 2014. She was rescued by the Kitty Devore Rescue team December rolled over to January 2015. She was placed in a precious foster home with an amazing foster mom and, within just a few months, Georgette found her forever home. Sadly, forever was not as long as we anticipated. Her adoptive mom developed...
Misha is a gentle calico beauty who has overcome some challenges in her life thus far. She found herself admitted to Devore shelter in Spring of 2018 when she was about 4 yrs old. She belonged to someone once and then, for whatever reason, they aba...
Although life started out precarious when Sherbet and his sister Pistachio were found when they were tiny bottle babies, these kittens were lucky - they were rescued by a Kitty Devore Rescue foster mom in June 2018 before they ever saw the inside of ...
14-Jan-2019Rialto, CA+19 milesCats for Adoption
Jasmine is a sweet 1 yr old cat. She likes to chase her dog friends and may be shy at 1st but will definitely come around and rub on your legs soon. She likes to play and jump around. Likes her scratching post and loves to climb
13-Jan-2019Calimesa, CA+14 milesCats for Adoption
Matilda is a wonderful young full grown with very unique markings. She orange calico stripe highlights her cute face. She gets along well with other kitties and dogs. ##90935##
13-Jan-2019Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Hes very playful and affectionate. Loves to be pet and held. Hes nice with children
11-Jan-2019Yucaipa, CA+12 milesCats for Adoption
We love Chester but unfortunately, ever since our son was born a little over a year ago, he just hasn't been happy. Chester needs more attention and love than we can offer him anymore. He is strictly an indoor cat as he has been de-clawed. We think he would do best in a home without kids.We are willing to donate a rehoming fee as well as his food and litter box.
8-Jan-2019Yucaipa, CA+12 milesCats for Adoption
My cat is very friendly cat. She will come to every people and just welcome them. I want her to have a good home my children allergic with this cat. My sister in law just drop this cat in front of my house so I don t have any choice to take her inside my house. She s very friendly tinrhe children and to dogs. Potty train and she s inside cat. Please find some 1 to adopt this great young and fri...
Max is a 3yr old kitty who loves to look out the windows and sun himself. Max likes to chase a laser light, feather or anything he can run and "catch". He plays with his sister and is a love-bug with the older cats. He enjoys laying on you or next to you while you watch TELEVISION. Max likes to be petted, and enjoys a back scratch, but prefers not to be held. Max is 1 of 4 kitty's that were bor...
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15-Jan-2019Riverside, CA+26 milesCats for Adoption
Aneta is an extremely chill girl that LOVES to eat! She gobbles down her wet food, plus free feed dry. She let me clip her nails with no issues at all and is very affectionate. She tolerates being around other cats, but what she loves are PEOPLE! All-American Tabby cat here, purrfect kitty for hearth and home.